Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines 1.0

Commandos brings a whole new meaning to WWII strategy games
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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines features a concept not very popular in gaming: real-time tactical gaming. It is WWII, and you are an officer entrusted with six of the most skilled "commando" soldiers of the allied army. Each of the six commandos has his own skills and weaknesses. The game has 20 missions ranging geographically from Norway and North Africa to France, Belgium and Germany; in each mission you have a very specific objective to fulfill.

But things are not that simple, your commandos are deep behind enemy lines, so they have to use all their special skills they have. The six commandos at your command are a Green Beret, a Sniper, a Marine, a Driver, a Sapper and a Spy. There is no way you can go through a mission without using each of their skills, and their weaknesses make you think your next move thoroughly. The game is played in a top down strategic view, and the display also shows the area of vision of enemy officers. Provided that you can get over with the occasional annoying bug that makes you load the mission again, or the fact that the game is not very realistic on occasions, you can have great fun with this game. It truly puts your mind and nerves to the test.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great strategy game
  • Missions are challenging


  • Outdated
  • Has several glitches and bugs
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